Cotton Mouth, Dry Mouth, the Pasties...also referred to as Xerostomia in the Medical Community is a syndrome in which your Salivary Glands stop producing Saliva, it is commonly associated with Cannabis use. 

If left untreated, other potential side effects like cavities, sore-throat, or Rank breath can happen! Yuck! Our mouths salivate for a reason, to protect it and our teeth from bacteria!

THE REMEDY: Pris & Alfy's Cotton Mouth Mist is the solution the Cannabis Community has been waiting for, for so long! 

DITCH the chemicals, aritificial flavors, & alcohol! That stuff is no good for the Hygiene of your Mouth.

Pris & Alfy's Cotton Mouth Mist is Hand-Crafted with the Highest Quality Natural Ingredients,  -Non GMO, SUGAR FREE

So if you use Cannabis or Plan to use Cannabis on a regular basis, you're going to need to keep Pris & Alfy's Cotton Mouth Mist handy.

Compact size to fit in a pocket, purse or bag making Cotton Mouth & Rank Breath a thing of the past! 

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    Energizingly Sweet Grapefruit Goodness 

    Hand-crafted with 100% Natural Ingredients

    Therapeutic-grade essential oils, Sea Salt, & Purified H20



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